First Steps Toward College

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Start Saving

Open a 529 Savings Account

As CalKIDS prepares for its launch later this year, don’t let that stop you from starting to save for your child’s future with ScholarShare 529, California's official 529 college savings plan.

Getting started is quick and easy with these four steps:

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Learn About the Plan

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Research Investments

  • Choose investment portfolios that fit your life-stage and goals, including enrollment year options. Learn more.

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Have the Following Information Available:

  • The names, dates of birth and Social Security or federal taxpayer identification numbers for the account owner and designated beneficiary.
  • Any dollar amount determined as the initial contribution, by check or from your bank account.
  • If you plan to establish recurring contributions, you will also need the bank account number and routing number from your checking account.

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Open a ScholarShare 529 Account

  • Check if you are eligible for our 2021 Matching Grant Program and ScholarShare 529 can help you get started with a matching grant of up to $225 when you open a new account.
  • Open your ScholarShare 529 account today and start out on the path to saving for college. Learn more.

Hypothetical infographic example to illustrate 100% tax-free growth. Over three times more money than a bank savings account and a lot more than a taxable investment account.